Giving in to fashion

I said I would NOT give in to certain 70’s or 80’s fashions that have made it back to this millennium. Tight fitted see through bubble blouses, fluorescent clothing, dickies,  leggings and leg warmers!  I still have a few bell bottoms but that’s because they are groovy!

In the 80’s I wore my cute little skirts, Cyndi Lauper styled hair with 2 to 3 pony tails on the top of my head sitting in the bleachers watching my kids play softball. I wore leggings later until I realized you could GROW into them and not realize your waistline could stretch too many inches as well.  It was no longer a fashion statement by the 1990’s, it was being comfortable but lazy.

Last year I gave in to leggings because they are warm and more comfortable than tights or nylons under a short skirt or dress. But my rule is to wear pants, jeans or skirts tight fitted at the waist to keep that waistline in check once a week…well, most of the time…hey, sometimes I blame the tightness on material on shrinkage!

Leg warmers, however, was not something I wanted to budge on.  I thought they looked cute on the younger generation though.   But I tell ya, just before Christmas, I was walking in knee-deep snow with my hiking boots that rose only 8 inches above my ankle and it was not comfortable having wet cold snow inside my boots.  I was starting to see the leg warmers as a possible option for that purpose only.

Between Christmas and New Year’s I was shopping to pick up a few gifts to bring to my cousin in Ontario.  I looked at the leg warmers and some were not the flashy colours of the ‘80’s…Hmmm, I thought to myself, the black ones would be a nice gift for my cousin.  The brown ones would be nice with my tan hiking boots…oh, and the charcoal ones would be practical with my black boots and I might even roll them higher to keep my knees and thighs warm on the walk home late nights. So I gave in!

Photo: Oliana 2014.01.09
Photo: Oliana 2014.01.09

The past two weeks we have had deep freezes and I have to admit, these leg warmers saved my legs from freezing. Sometimes I wear leggings under my jeans to keep warm.  Leaving work at 1pm., I could tolerate the cold but come 10 or 11 at night, I needed an extra layer to ward off that cold chill. leg warmers take two

Oh, and rather than purchase a ski mask, I found neck warmer I purchased about 5 years ago in the closet mixed with my umpteen scarves.  It was a men’s neck warmer I had picked up on sale at some outlet.  It does remind me of a dicky from the 60’s.  Remember those dickies we wore in the 1960’s and 1970’s under a blouse or a shirt? We thought we were so cool wearing them but you have to admit they are practical. I just slip the neck warmer and leg warmers in my bag when I leave for work or go for a drive in the winter. You never know if you may need it or if the car breaks down in the dead of winter.

So when I left for my walk to the bus for work yesterday, I put on my neck warmer, along with my fashionable pilot hat, scarf, leg warmers, lined gloves and mittens. When I got to the bus I peeled off a few layers but knew I had the extra warmth if I needed it on my return home late last night.

Photo: Oliana 2014.01.09
Photo: Oliana 2014.01.09

Next will be snow pants…and that is getting more and more appealing…imagine falling on your butt in the snow. I rest my case.

© Oliana, Whispering Insights, 2014.10.10

Author: Oliana

This blog is about my thoughts, reflections and memories. Sometimes they will be personal and my way of processing certain life situations. I know, I am not unique in many of my thoughts but somehow, writing this into a blog...having readers as witnesses...sometimes gives me comfort. So thank you for dropping by. I feel honoured that you may read a blog or two as while I am Whispering Insights.

5 thoughts on “Giving in to fashion”

  1. Entertaining as always Oilana, and as it has been very warm here and ok, except at night where it doesn’t cool down quickly enough, I sympathise with you having to wear all those layer as practical as they are. Funny isn’t how we look back at past ‘fashions’ and cringe at what we once thought was the go.Bell bottom trousers and shoes built on platforms, and that was my wedding outfit, what was i thinking?


    1. What were you thinking? Well, Saturday Night Fever comes to mind and leg warmers I think of Flashdance of course heh heh. I suffer in our short but hot humid summers here with breathing, so I trade the aches and bones to breathe…well there is the terrible perfumes on buses…another post on that one. My ex wore high healed boots at our wedding and I wore flats…Mary Janes because I’m taller….a bit like Sonny and Cher…


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