Emotionally spent…

195_21715380229_2529_nTiredness, listlessness,

boredom , angst too,

Trail me in the shadows

Lurking around the bend

Be Gone! I say, Off to the gallows!

Leave me in peace so I can lend

my ears, heart and soul to my love

my passion, my devotion…

that sanctuary of compassion.

Be gone! Move on!! Take leave… Depart!

So I can recapture my vitality

And work where things are closest to my heart.

©  Originally written  June 21, 2013     WI

Author: Oliana

This blog is about my thoughts, reflections and memories. Sometimes they will be personal and my way of processing certain life situations. I know, I am not unique in many of my thoughts but somehow, writing this into a blog...having readers as witnesses...sometimes gives me comfort. So thank you for dropping by. I feel honoured that you may read a blog or two as while I am Whispering Insights.

Your comments are my treasured rewards

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