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Aunt Mae's Art, Oakville, Ontario© Aunt Mae Giroux’s artist, Oakville, Ontario

A little about me and my blog:

Hello and Welcome to Traces of the Soul where I try to Whisper Insights.  This is a place to let ideas, thoughts, reflections and insights flow.  Some posts may be my sharing events in my life and other times just reflections…an idea stirring and has to get out.  I use a pseudonym here so I can freely write whatever crosses my mind.  I have another blog where I am the “public me” but that comes with restrictions that do not bind me at Traces of the Soul.

I love to talk and since I can`t talk all day long…I do have to work for a living…I write because the thoughts and words take up too much space in my brain some of the times.

Here I can write whatever comes to mind…sometimes it can be a bit raw, other times serious and pensive and many times, I hope, just being able to laugh at myself when I get into situations that may not be fun but that no one can change…so may as well laugh about it.

I`m a woman, a person, a mom, a nana…a youth counsellor, a family life educator, life skills facilitator, a daughter (mom is still alive) ,a sister, a lover sometimes,  a loyal friend, compassionate volunteer and lifelong student.  I am not religious but I am spiritual.  I believe in the Golden Rule…you can`t go wrong there if everyone just abided by that.

I am from Montreal where we have long winters and I love snow up to December 26th ONLY thank you very much.  It is pretty if you do not have to get to work and are sitting in a cottage up in the mountains and like to snow shoe or ski…I do neither.  I lived here all my life except for a 10 year leap to Toronto which certainly changed my life…there IS life outside of Quebec.  If you are not a Québécois, you may not understand that…we tend to stay close to home a lot.

I find myself following many young adults whose blogs are interesting, entertaining, enlightening and amusing.  I am quite impressed by the talent I see on these blogs!

Here is my brewing area where I share some raw thoughts, ideas and feelings…hope some of you do enjoy some posts here + there.  Whispering Insights. Some topics may not be popular to a reader…so must mosey on along if it offends you…I started this blog to express myself, get things off my chest and hopefully also improve in writing which I love to do.

I have briefly described some of the categories on this blog. I keep adding more and more…so bear with me.

Abuse is a section about…um, well, abuse, violence, domestic violence, child abuse and even sexual assault which may not be a popular read…so if you don’t like to read horrors of the  reality of some people…skip over this category.  I hear it daily and am old enough to have seen and heard from friends and family.  I have experienced some as many have but nothing compared to the misery I hear about at my work.   Such is life…unfortunately.   I don’t believe in secrets of this type…it just perpetuates abusers to continue, for society to minimize it and it perpetuates victims of any such abuse to stay stuck in their living hell.

Whispering Insights  was my very first section on this blog.  It was created to utter insights, reflections and thoughts simmering in the wee hours of the morning. I am a night owl, work late shifts, so sometimes I may get an idea at 3 a.m. and I write until dawn.  Well, actually, when I start hearing those birds chirping, I try to wrap it up before the sun comes up…I’m not Dracula but I do need dimness to fall asleep.

Dating  was added because I can’t really share all my thoughts and experiences with everyone.  After a 10 year pause, I decided to start dating again December 2012.  This is poking fun at the on-line dating experience and where I can vent, reflect and have a good chuckle at myself from time to time.  Okay, I can wallow in my pity at times too but the good thing is that is has inspired a lot of my poetry too. There is no gain without pain…so true.

Dear Emma,  is my only bestest EVER listener and BFF.  Listening is a huge part of my life, at work anyways, and sometimes I too, need to have a listening ear.  Emma provides that in a non-judgmental way…as counselling should be, right?  Many times it helps to sort out my thoughts.

Narratives  is a combination of my feeble attempts at writing short essays, fictional, muses, and poetry.  I have not written poems since my teen years as well as fictional essays.  It is my way to exercise what I loved to do so much in the past.  I have started an intro to 3 books and realize why I can’t get further…I need to write, write, write, to get the juices rolling and if I don’t get to write a book…I will at least try to write short stories.  I would love to write, someday, the memoirs of my maternal grandmother’s life but until then…I’m practicing and enjoying every minute.

Poetry & Erotica  I have separated these from Narratives as I found I had accumulated many and in the mix of reflections and essays it may have been a bit confusing. I hope you enjoy my poems as much as my muse tickled my fancy writing them.

Haiku, Tanka, Haiga, Haibun…well, I am discovering and learning Japanese versions of poetry I never knew existed…how wonderful is that! Now I have added Shadorma & Tilus as well as other forms I have a go at…just for fun.   The masters here make it look easy…but it’s not.  I guess that’s why they are masters.

Photography and videos – Just sharing and the photographs are mostly my humble Samsung Note shots, occasionally  my Canon digital as well.  Very amateur for sure but I see so many stories in photos that I do take a lot to stimulate ideas in writing.

Prompted writings  These are writing exercises with prompts and other ideas to stimulate writing. I have added more as I discover many amazing blogs that offer prompts for stories, free flow writing,poetry and photography. There is, in fact, something for every talent and taste…Wordpress offers so many opportunities to explore and expand in creativity.

My Voice  is a new section I have added to my blog because as you will see, it is hardly “whispering” and it may or may not be “reflective” or “insightful”.   But it is a place for me to vent at times and I just did not feel this was fitting to yell at Dear Emma about this.  So it is NOT to insult or criticize certain beliefs and values in the world but to express my opinion on some things that really irk me.  If anyone feels provoked, oooops, that was not my intention.  Some things fester and this is my healthy way to diffuse.  Thank  you for understanding. Tech  are tips I want to share after I have tried to figure out a few technical hurdles. If this can help save another blogger time…then grrreat!

You can contact me at  tracesofthesoul@gmail.com    Whispering Insights 

Mother Nature's gifts Photo: Oliana Kim

© OK, I love chasing sunsets, St-Césaire, Quebec  2013

209 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Now THAT is a huge award just to read this! Thank you for letting me know. One starts out by nattering away on this blogging experience, then attempts a poem here and there and it soothes me not always realizing how it may impact a reader. Your words have brightened my day as I start off to work. Blessings, Oliana


  1. Just read the first of many of your blogs, I also write FWF for Kellie Elmore. Please consider for some of us Yanks a translation of some of the French sayings, I so wanted to know what was happening in your last post!!! So glad to have found you. Regards, Llaurie


  2. Your blog is so well arranged and developed! And the “bio” is very open and honest. A very good job, young lady. Please stop in at my site anytime you can.

    Hope you have a very enjoyable day!



      • I’m sure you are young and every bit a “lady!” I like being a “BFF” (that means ‘Buffed and Fantastic Forever,’ right?) :)

        I will continue to stop in to read as I can. It’s my pleasure, actually. Also thanks for sharing your first name; it’s beautiful, Oliana :)

        Take care and have a marvelous day!



      • That’s great…very smart. I can also respect the fact that you want to protect your privacy. That’s also understandable!

        Thanks for the honesty. I suppose I should tell you that my real name isn’t “Ed Editor” either. I think it best to keep true identities out of this until and unless you get to know someone very well…

        Enjoy your day, “Oliana!”

        Ed :)


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    • Oh my you are most kind!! My head is swelling just about now…a bit too much, I am afraid I may not be able to step out the doorway for the entire weekend :D :P but who cares, you have made my day for writing is such a pleasure…it’s like finally someone can hear my thoughts!!


  5. Just to stop by and thank you for liking my post about race on Holistic Wayfarer’s site.
    Merci beaucoup


    • Oh yes, I did enjoy this post and I am so pleased you dropped by…I am reminded to hop on over there to catch up on the posts on Race…very very interesting and I need to read slowly to appreciate the content…well, that too but I am also a very slow reader. Blessings, et bienvenue :D Oliana


  6. First and foremost, I love the cat! :D
    Your new theme is well polished! Congratulations are in order.
    I will stop by once in a while to check the others in the menu.
    Good luck!


    • Oh thank you so much!! I tend to clutter a lot with my keepsakes but I do think that Bette is just enough and want to display writing prompt blogs to encourage folks to write. Thanks again for the encouragement.


  7. Funny, I’d never read your about page and it’s so lovely and informative about what your goals and outlook are. Happy to have read it at last!


      • I had a look last night and yeah, it’s not too bad but I wanted THAT to be my front page…I can’t get MY Posts tab if I do that (darn) Oh well…I am trying to finish my story about that time machine…still in my notebook 3/4 done and I forgot it at home…I may have passed the date by now


      • Puttin up those pages can be tricky I think there’s a how to somewhere ’cause I was able to do it … eventually. Hope you get your time machine piece done…but after you’ve had some sleep. I’m thinking it’s late on your side of the pond!


      • Yes but I just finished the one Yves put up with that gory fella carrying a woman…I will post it now. I slept but an hour last night up all night with my migraine…I was ready to hurl and call an ambulance…still can’t find a family doctor.


      • Darn…that is bad news, would a family doctor come at night? Here no, we have the guardia medica for non emergency (as in ambulance cases) night calls. Hope it is now past … I think the gory guy had to do with fever or am I wrong…that should be an interesting write you did there!


      • Thank you!Im flattered you liked it. No , doctors dont make house calls… I almost called an ambulance though. I am so regretting the move here. There are private services that cost $$$


  8. YOU SAID! > ” I believe in the Golden Rule…you can`t go wrong there if everyone just abided by that.” …..an ya know what i couldn’t agree with ya more, I wish everyone i cared bout an loved agreed with that statement also, that’d be kewl, but well, people are well, what they are i guess, can’t change em, didn’t really want them to change either till “LOL> “THEY CHANGED” ,,,what a trip life is,,, keep on keepin’ on :) an doin’ da’ next best right thing. :) Q


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