Mini update on internet service

I finally bit the bullet and called a third internet service provider. The price $22.00 less than the largest Canadian telecommunications, $10 cheaper than 2 other smaller companies.  So this is the one and I hope they have good service.

What I like about them is they are a smaller company near my home on this side of the bridge, meaning South Shore of Montreal.  They cater to Ontario and Quebec for now.

They are the only company that accepted that use my current modem rather than purchase or rent another one too.  Now that is honest if you ask me.  Well, I won’t speak too fast in case my modem does not work but still, they are willing to give it a try and save me $80.00

Service should be up and running in 6 to 9 days, they said.  We shall see; I have to start bringing my laptop to coffee shops and not just my tablet as that tiny keyboard is not great for typing for several hours…ouch my fingers and wrists today, but it was still worth it.

Soon, I will be back in the cyberworld.  What I miss the most is writing what comes to mind at that very moment…I write it in my notebook but I can’t read my own handwriting!! Truly, my shorthand is more legible than my scratchings. I should have been a doctor!

OK <14/17/29

Dear Emma,

(c) OK '14
(c) OK ’14

Man oh man, how I have missed talking to YOU! I have written some reflections, whined, hummed and hawed a bit…okay, a lot but basically I have missed sharing my thoughts about life, living and just being.

As you know I have lost a friend and colleague recently and although we were not close friends, I had not seen him for years after he left the position of regional director where I work, he has always been close to my heart. He would often send a little note or comment on facebook asking how I was or commenting on a post I wrote on my other blog. And in January when another friend and colleague announcing that she was faced with breast cancer, would soon have surgery and mountains of treatment, this other friend came back into our lives. He had been battling cancer for over a year and I had not known…until he visited our offices in March.

I visited him once in May and knew when I left I might never see him again…I had such a good memory of his smiling face despite his tiredness, his warm tight hug, despite his weakness and his roar of a laugh that was a mix of a great thunder and Elvis! Did I not mention he was a great Elvis impersonator?

I had a great weekend, celebrating my grandson’s birthday, then Saturday spending the afternoon and evening with my best friend who lives in the country surrounded by mountains.  She and her husband will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary…boy that hits me strongly.  They are the first couple my ex and I became good friends with when we were first married.  They married young like we did and they are also the godparents of my son.

I love them like my siblings…no more! And they have always been there for me, never judging me even in our divorce.  But I do feel lonely sometimes when I leave there feeling I missed out…somehow…they were even privy and met my boyfriend last year and were just as shocked as I was with the lousy ending. Yep, I sort of feel in limbo…not that I miss being with someone but that there is still something either missing or that still needs to be done…I’ll figure it out eventually…

Yesterday was Sunday and my first day of my workweek. I took my shower and all of a sudden I just wept…could not stop and realized I was still grieving…yesterday was exactly 7 days since his death. Little did I know that I had a long shift ahead for I had forgotten that I had accepted to do an extra two hours and I finished work at midnight taking me home finally at one in the morning. I got home and felt empty for some reason…don’t know why, can’t put my finger on it but I felt a hole in my gut.

No t.v. since I cancelled satellite, I did not feel like popping in a video or any series…Oh yeah, I forgot, I do have that series of Roseanne…maybe tonight. I like her because her old show is just so…well, real!

I sat down with my notebook since I still do not have internet at home (still debating who is the best service) and finally just popped some popcorn and brought that in bed with a good book I am reading.

I dreamed so much again and it is as if I was working overtime. I woke up at 6 am. and then 8 am…well, correction, Bette, is disturbing me early mornings now. She wants to be petted all the time. I have kicked her out of my room a few times this past week and shut the door but today, she seemed to get the message.

My body was so sore, my back, my neck, my knees and left leg…I felt so achy and feverish and wondered if my mood was not taking over my body…so I phoned into work and took a sick day. Well, actually I had 21 hours of lieu time, and asked the secretary to put it on that. I slept off and on until 2p.m.! It felt good but when I got up I felt like I had to get out. This was a great time to finally renew my passport and so I went there before going to a coffee shop to write.

The young man at immigration was so nice and we chatted a bit about work and he went to the same university as I did. I gave him some ideas to pursue more education as he mentioned he wanted to get another degree. I thought about this environment and the employees were so friendly (not often seen in government jobs) and told him I would not mind applying to work here…it is a 5 minute walk from my apartment…now how great would that be?

He gave me the card with the website and told me they were also looking for an immigration agent but in downtown Montreal…no problem, I said, that is right at the Bonaventure where the skating rink is at the bus stop…now wouldn’t that be a great job to have? It won’t hurt to apply but there is still the question of my age if they find me too old…but I would be great!!! I know I would!! I seem to be carrying the positiveness of my friend who just passed…good!!

Soon, I will be divulging ONLY on this blog my real ME. A few regular bloggers and I feel, friends, do know already. I want to eventually combine some poems together and decide what is publishable…I also want to place all my Japanese form poetry in one section, again, so I can choose which are good, which I want to edit and well, get some printed even if it is just for close family…I want to leave something besides my long hair and big feet (haha).

I am really behind in reading many blogs and that bugs me because I love connecting with other writers here but that will soon be fixed, I hope. And as for writing, well, I want to purchase a few books recommended to me by Jen at Blogitorloseit by three master Haiku poets so I can improve on my haiku. Thanks to Georgia at Bastetandsekhmet   , Jen at Blogitorloseit and of course the humble maître, Chèvrefeuille, I am learning a bit more each week.

I have been at Second Cup comfortably writing for several hours now, so I think I should leave before they kick me out…not that they would …I hope. It is still raining and miserable outside, so it is not as busy as it normally is here. Thank goodness, there are good things despite the weather. And I am not complaining about the rain, mind you, just wish it could be spared and shared in parts of the world that need it more than here.

Goodnight, Emma, and thanks for listening as usual. Hugs, Oliana xxx

My thoughts on Advice giving (haibun)

Advice Giving


Live life

explore options

best advice


days pass

nightfall comforts

stars will always shine

written for Mindlovemiserys Menagerie Prompt #65

What have I got to say about advice? I work on a helpline for youths up to mid 20`s and most ask my advice which I cannot give. I can help guide them to make a decision, offer options and then they can decide what works best for them. I find that is the best type of support and counselling anyone can really give.

That reminds me of one of my first counselling sessions…FOR ME. My marriage was wobbly, on its last legs but I was determined to make it work just a tad longer until our children were a bit older and independent. And so I went to see a counsellor at a different location than my workplace which offered these services too because it surely is not recommended to see a friend or colleague.

This counsellor read the information from my doctor who had placed me on a leave of absence for several months. Call it burnout, overwork or Fibromyalgia (for which it was FMS mixed with overwork) but situational depression was the term insurance companies do not frown upon. Yep, we live in a system that forces us to say we are incapable of working due to mental illness and then whenever you try to get insured anywhere, insurance companies refuse you. Go figure! And you wonder why these companies make big bucks…HA! Even Fibromyalgia needs to be reported before being insured…in Canada, I don’t get it since our health care is free (paid by our hefty taxes) so insurance companies pay less and less and still charge an arm, a leg and your little pinky! for rates.

I digress. The social worker I saw kept insisting (advising) that I should leave my husband even though I told her that I was just overtired and not quite ready to leave a marriage of 20+ years. Anything I said she seemed to turn around and make it much worse. I tell ya, she must have had a thing against men or relationships. But I had not completed my degree in Human Sciences yet, and I was JUST starting my counselling course AND also in counselling later with another university to be eligible for this class.

Long story short, she sucked by giving me bad advice…laughing at me when I would tell her things from my past insisting my dad did really bad things to me as a child. Granted he was an abusive father but I truly do not feel or remember anytime that he molested me as a young child…that was only when I was a teenager but she kept mocking and making innuendos that I finally left her. I ended up finding a new doctor who acted as my therapist as well. This doctor gave me options…she would not advise me but would help me see reality and help me process this and offered to support me in ANY decision I took.

Advice is not always a good thing to give. But of course many will ask for it.

“Should I leave this relationship?” I get that a lot from youths. I tell them I can’t answer that because I don’t have to live with the decision. Maybe they are not quite ready yet…and that is totally okay. If there is abuse and physical violence, I will talk about a safety plan but that is it.

Of course I do get youths who hang up because I refuse to tell them point blank what to do. If it does not work out they only have ME to blame, right? Un-uh…no way. That is not helpful. I am not afraid of getting blamed but I do want clients to grow even if it is just a little bit. Sometimes we talk about relationships, love, mutual respect and then the seed is planted…it just takes longer for it to germinate for some people…and that is totally okay too.

When my daughter had her son she was quite young and I was working on a Parent Help Line at that time and she would ask me for advice. Again, I would explore what she would think would be a good idea first…and why not? If there is ever a time a mother feels she is questioning herself all the time, gets tons advice from other mothers and knows not what to do anymore. So yes, I would guide her if I could, tell her what worked for me sometimes but never give her direct advice except for no nonsense things like sterilizing, cooking etc. Her friends would tell her, “Wow! You are so lucky to have a mom that works at a parent help line!” And she would respond, “Well, she just responds the same way…and what would you do or think about that?”

It sometimes drove her crazy but she did an amazing job raising her son all on her own!! A single mom with of course, family, grandparents around her and friends …but she did it and still excels as a great mama in my eyes. She is tougher than I ever was and that makes sense as she has to represent the nurturer and the disciplinarian at the same time…the mom and dad. I spoiled my kids and their father was more the disciplinarian. I know, I know, I sucked…but I found him a bit too strict so I tried to compensate. I did my best and that is something I do understand when I think back on my mother`s own mothering.   She rarely told me I had to do this or that…not an advice giver unless you were asking her advice on your hair because she was an amazing hair stylist.

My mother was raised by an authoritarian mother (lucky me, GrandMaman jumped a generation and did not boss me around) and so mom’s reaction was to be more open. She would tells us as teens to go out and have fun and come home when we felt it was time and her last sentence always was, “I trust you”…WELL, how can you do anything bad with that last comment. And we did not…we were pretty good teens; we just stayed up until the sun came up often but that never got me pregnant and I did not due drugs or drink alcohol.

So advice to me is offering guidelines and options…and it is up to each individual to take the right choice that keeps them safe, healthy and works in their life.

I remember going to confession and asking our parish priest for advice about taking birth control which is basically a no-no for Catholics…his response, in 1971 was, “Choose according to your conscience” and I did and know that The Great Spirit is just fine with my choice at that time, having married at 19 years old.

So that’s it on advice for me…

(c) OK ’14-07-28

No More Strings Attached (Photo Challenge #18)


Kiyo Murakami

Don’t let them pull on your strings.  Saying Yes, Sir, Yes Ma’am, Yes, Yes, Yes all the time.

“But people will like me best if I say Yes, Sir Wilfred!”

No they won’t, they will laugh at you behind your back.

“But …but…what about  doing good onto others.”

That is just fine but it does not say anywhere in any holy book for people to walk all over you, pull your strings and, wipe their fee on you when they are done.!

“Well, it’s not that bad and I want to have friends. And I want everyone to like me.”

Not everyone will like you no matter how nice you are. In fact the ones you try the hardest, the ones you do the most for end up not liking you and disrespecting you. There is nothing worse than losing your self-respect.

“Okay, so I should be mean like you and liver forever alone.”…pouts.

No, I am not alone because I have nobody. I choose to be alone and I have plenty of friends and people respect me and I respect them as well.

“I still don’t want to be all alone.”

Start by being real nice to YOU. Start by liking YOU.  Start by flattering YOU. Start by being all that you are for everyone else…but START WITH YOU.

It took many months, lots of hard work, spiritual counselling, practice, light therapy, assertiveness training,  and after 8 months, there was a grand celebration.  Angela went to the House of Sir Wilfred and he held a grand ball for her in the Confirmation Ball Room.

Angela  wore a long silk pale pink gown.  She looked radiant. The entire village was invited.  There was a chamber orchestra playing violin. Thirty minutes at the start of the evening, Sir Wilfred called Angela to the stage where she sat on a gold throne decorated for this occasion.  The music stopped and Sir Wilfred took out his silver scissors and cut the strings that had been controlling Angela most of her life.

Everyone applauded and Angela floated down the stage to greet her new friends and suitors all waiting in line to dance with her.

© OK 2014/07/27

Submitted for: Photo Challenge #18 – Strings Attached

Birthday wish (senryû)

(c) OK '14
(c) OK ’14

ten years ago
an infant born
a soul who’d touch
us all so much
his smile
could melt
us anytime
so very heartfelt
filled with pure love
He grew
he walked
he talked
two tongues
enticing more
embracing all
a love for life
disdain for strife
a treasure and a gem
cannot imagine
my life without him.

ten years already
you’ve blessed our lives
that winning smile.

was born a mom, grand-papa
a nana and uncle too.

Happy Birthday
Tristan, sweetheart
have a smashing day!

This was originally written July 22, on my grandson’s birthday.

(c) OK ’14

Let me out! (shadorma)

Sun and Rain (C) G.s.k. '14

Photo credit: Bastet’s Sun and Rain ’14

Looking out
sighs in frustration
rain rain rain
go away
five days with Tante Josephine

Josephine la pas fine
she is so

Rain rain GO
away and don`t come back
give me time
to escape
from this boring old mad house
Josephine is mad!

she sleep walks in the night
laughs loud all

talks to herself all day
locks me in

she tells me
“rain will make you melt
ma petite
we`re witches!!
wait for the golden sunshine
doors will be unlocked.”

rain rain go away, so
I can run

(c) OK ’14-07-27
Submitted for Bastet’s photo prompt at Mindlovemiserys Menagerie

Reflections TracesPrompt #12 What if we had a choice on Life & Death?

Life and Death

Thursday already?  Golly!! Here is the deal. I am still without internet and working 9 to 10 hour shifts due to summer vacations and not all shifts have been filled, so I have little time to write…much.  Okay, okay, I do scribble in my notebook to keep my mind quiet at night.

As I am on my break at work, I decided to write some reflections I have had this past week.

Life and Death are on my mind a lot. Lots of existential questions are brewing and grieving the loss of a friend.  I shared a bit on Dear Emma asking why not me who is older, having raised my family who are well in their thirties and independent and healthy.  I felt like there should be a waiting line for those who feel they can give another person a chance to finish off what they needed to do, you know?  I am not talking about a line where people sit in wait to take their lives like suicide.  No, no, it would be different…it would be a line where a person who is sound of mind and not suffering from any mental illness but just feeling that they want to “give” a younger person some extra time.  It would not be “buying” time because it would be given…they don’t owe me anything and I don’t expect any medals or free pass to the pearly gates…if I have to take a long trip to purgatory or hell…well, then, I suppose if it is the latter there is gonna be one wing ding of a party, right?

What are your thoughts about this morbid question?  It is a no brainer if we know our children are suffering from a terminal illness and I cannot even imagine this.  For those reading and have suffered such a tragedy, know that I mean no disrespect.

So imagine we live in a world that is far more advanced than it is now.  If someone wants to be diagnosed with any kind of mental or physical health condition, there is this super wand with magical powers, to ensure you are of sound mind.

Write a poem or story on your thoughts on this topic. What if we had a choice on Life and Death?…what would you do?


Last week’s offering at Reflections – TracesPrompt #11 – Your Vital Space:

Martha0Stout-  chaotic space 


© OK 2014/07/23

Heaven won

he’s left us
he fought for so long
but now heaven has won
he’s left us
a friend, a colleague
yet,  more a friend,
he loved life
fought for a long time
to stay just a bit longer
for his young son, wife
family, friends
He’s left us
for good
I will miss his hearty laugh
his loud deep roar
calling out my name
making me feel ten feet tall
miss his tight hugs
miss his warm smile
the twinkle in his eyes
how he made me feel so special
how he made everyone feel
number ONE
he’s left us for good
heaven has won.
he will be missed

© OK ’14/07/21

My Childhood room

My sister and I shared a bedroom in mostly all the homes we lived except our last home before my parents divorced.  I had my blue room all to myself.  But although I liked my own room, I sort of missed my sister and so two years later, at fourteen, we moved to Grandmaman’s house, my sister, mom and myself.

Our twin beds were set up in the basement, in the furnace room.  There was a big fat furnace that went off and on, every fifteen minutes. For a person who takes forever to fall asleep, let me tell you, I did not get to sleep until I was physically exhausted.  And if that was not bad enough, my grandmother had an old clock that would chime every fifteen minutes too!  I tell ya’, it was a conspiracy!!

Now this basement bedroom, in an unfinished basement was quite a transition having moved from a new bungalow.  My sister and I would hang up our school uniforms on the pipes and in the middle of the night (yes, when I finally was asleep), if I would wake up to go to the washroom, I would see these shadows of in the shape of coats, dresses but they looked like ghosts floating over my bed.  Gosh that would scare me!

Now the cool thing about this bedroom was that we set up our record player. My sister and I could listen to music anytime and just before going to a dance, we would practice our dance steps to James Brown, Stevie Wonder or the Supremes.

This was our room and my grandmother allowed me to even paint some bookshelves all psychedelic (gosh it was ugly) but she let me do my thing.  I could have friends over anytime too and even though it was damp, our clothes smelled mildew because of the humidity, we still had our privacy despite the cramped arrangement.

Summers we stayed up almost all night outside on the back lawn facing the river until the sun came up. By 9am., the sun was burning our faces and we’d just go back to sleep in the basement until noon. If there was any room that I loved and hated at the same time, that would be that furnace room.  I hated the smell, I hated that furnace but I loved the home cooked meals waiting for me upstairs, the love I had from GrandMaman and know that I was pretty lucky to have her take us into her humble home when she was sixty-six years old.  Heck, I’m almost getting there now, and I’m not too sure I’d have the patience to house two teenagers and a mother suffering from depression.

It takes a special person to make an unfinished basement/furnace room into a special bedroom/rec room. Merci GrandMaman.

my sanctuary

feeling safe and content

although smelly

© OK 2014/07/20

Written for: KellieElmoreFreeWriteFridays – Childhood room

Bastet’s Party

Party time, celebrating with food, laughter and a little vino of course.

We will all meet at the la Gare Centrale (Central Station) and have a bite at that counter, perhaps bagels and locks and cream cheese; then move on up to Fairmount Street and have a gelato and top that off with an espresso or cappuccino at Terrasse Café in Gamba;   We could have pizza later or just relax at that restaurant in our office building. We will have to take turns on that swing. It is the seat most patrons use to read during their lunch hour.  But I am sure we could negotiate to have the entire place to ourselves.

I prefer Pinot Grigio, so for those who prefer red or rosé, we will have that too…champagne gives me a headache but Jen from Lose it or Blog it, has that covered I think:D


Wine bottles for 2560x1600

Photo credits:  Pickywallpapers

and of course you can`t have wine without some cheese…

Photo credit: Bonjour Québec.

Submitted for Bastet’s Party at WeDrinkBecauseWerePoets

Times passed – a lost relic (haibun)

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I took these shots a few weeks ago thinking I would share them with Bastet eventually becuase I like the archeture and I know she admires our old buidlings.  Windsor Station was where CPR Canadian Pacific Railway arrived from various parts of the country. In 1992, they stopped running commuter trains.

I remember going to Montreal and arriving at this station and walking up the hill to go shopping downtown on rue Sainte-Catherine at Simpsons, Eatons and Morgans (now called The Bay- for Hudson’s Bay); then we would trot down back to the Laurentian Hotel to say hello to my father, then walk down to the train station. Sometimes we were early and we would go behind one of those oak doors where there were couches, tables for mothers to change their children`s diapers and we could just relax.  It was HUGE and the ceilings so high.

I was surprised to see it totally empty except for a few statues that remained.  The gates you see were where we would get to various trains.

On my way down the street to get a better shot of the front of the building for you, Georgia, I passed an employee there and asked him about CPR. He said that he thinks they are refurbishing the interior to make another indoor mall.  Hmmm, it would be nice if they had kisques and vendors who sold affordable things…one never knows.

rewind to childhood

I saw men, women and children

waiting for the train.


I heard echoes

voice bellow Track number 4!

froze open-mouthed

(c) OK ’14-07-20

Submitted for Bastet Photo Challenge Relic July 16 2014 

Desirée (Tales Weavers Prompt #17)


Tales Weavers Prompt #17 – Write about animals 

Desirée was the most intuitive and best friend anyone could ever have. She arrived in the family in 1988. The youngest in this family was allergic to cats and dogs and after trying out several canines, this miniature schnauzer seemed to fit in just nicely. Hence, she was desired and then named Desirée.

She played with the children and has the muscles to take on any kind of wrestling seven and ten-year olds had to dole out. She knew the man of the house needed special attention to put him in a good mood especially when he came home from work. And so as soon as he walked in the door with that sour puss, she would wiggle her butt, raise her head, whimpering excitedly and licking his face panting in her canine language, “I`m so excited to see you!”

When the children were sad, she`d cuddle up to them and look sad to wait until they were ready to go out and play.

Even when the real master, mother of the house who fed, bathed and walked her regularly was sick for months, she would sleep at her feet all day (if that`s what the head mistress needed) and would not peep until her mistress raised from her bed.

Her mistress would come home from work lunchtime to teach Desirée how to talk and sing and yes, indeed, she did. On the cue of, “Talk to me, talk to mommy” she would talk and on the cue, “Sing to me…only me” she would sing. If you look at any videos of birthdays, you will hear her howling in the forefront (none of that background harmony for Desirée).

One morning, the mistress and her daughter who was now 20, came back from the vet and Desirée had been given strong antibiotics for her lung infection however she suffered from heart failure…minutes later she died in their arms, on September 11th, 2001…and so nine-eleven was a tragedy for the world as was this loss for this family.

(c) OK ‘14/07/19

I may add a photo of Desirée later when I get back on-line at home.

Ciao Bella (Flash Ficition – Good bye)

(c) OKJ '14
(c) OKJ ’14

Oh phooey, another ending, she thought. She had joined six writing clubs in the past year and another one was shutting down. “Well, I’ll be darn!” she huffed. She looked through her notebook with stories she had submitted over the past few months. She really did enjoy this particular club though. It was fun; they had formed a group of regulars encouraging each other and she just had a difficult time saying, “goodbye”. Well, it is not any different than summer holidays when classes end.   Hmmm, she thought, this is really not adieu at all but really un au revoir. Yes, that’s it! My, I do feel much better now!

Ciao Bella

ne pleurniche pas

ce n’est rien qu’un au revoir

à bientôt!


© OK ‘14/07/19

Submitted for Bastets Friday Flash Fiction-“Goodbye”

Side – Friday reminder SoCS


If you are someone’s sidekick, that sure is not a good place to be, even worse if you get into a fix at work and no one takes your side. Boy oh boy, you can feel pretty lonely being pushed aside for sticking up for what you believe. Yes, it is not an easy place to be. Unfortunately not everyone you will meet in life including people who will be in authority can see all sides to a situation. Some may see it but prefer to put some aspects aside in order to push forth their own hidden agendas. What might be the purpose of this you ask? Well, that would be the ego of course! The ego can be quite detrimental. It shows a side of a human being that is dangerous, inflated sense of self-importance. Where the egocentric side of a person may feel and look like self-confidence and assertiveness, it really is a guise…it is actually the pompous side of a person’s soul. If you can see right through these actions and behaviours, then you actually can peer into the inside of that person’s soul. Watch out because if you have a boss like that, you will never be on his/her good side. Believe me, I know!

© OK ‘14/07/19

This Friday’s prompt for Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness post is “side.” Add a prefix or a suffix or use it as is.  The link it here

Sneak Peak (Shadorma)

(C) Blog it or Lose It!

(C) Blog it or Lose It!

sees children

giggling and playing

watches them


dreaming of another life

dancing in the streets



destiny breathes disdain

fills her with


steals a peak

watching life go by

sullied, trapped

is her fate

revolting slimy torture

how she prays for death.






© OK ‘14/07/19


Submitted for Bastet’s Shadorma Photo Prompt – July 19, 2014

Busy bee (haibun)

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These haiku are submitted for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Skylight, # 516 Issa. The last haiku was prompted by a walk yesterday and so I am combining these thoughts thinking of Bastet .

sleepy spider

lightly stroked my face

jumped out of bed.

flittering gingerly

flora enticing everyone


wrestling with choices

bee devours pink nectar

total bliss buzz.

(c) OKJ '14
(c) OKJ ’14

As I was walking to work yesterday, I left extra early so I could stop and “smell the flowers” but really take photos of the vegetation that has matured so much in the past month!

I walked along one street of condos housing senior citizens and admired the various flowers they planted in front of their little terraces. Then I stopped and saw yellow sunroots and thought of Bastet; contemplating, “should I take a photo here or…oh, look! there are pink ones too!” I am so glad I walked there and as I started taking photos, I saw a bee. My normal reaction is to walk slowly away but I knew he just wanted some of that yummy nectar…so I stood quietly and watched. I so wished I`d had my old 35 mm with a zoom but alas, gone are those days and the darn thing needs refurbishing anyway.  I just wished I had a zoom.


fading petals

sun stroked flowers

standing at attention.


they stood so mellow

in their bright yellow,,

they seemed to say

“look to your left”

Oh, Pink cousins, yay!

these colours took over me

so very naturally



so much to choose,

bee guzzles pink nectar

nature`s high.


(c) OK 2014/07/18



Menacing clouds (Haiku – Senryû)

(c) ok 2014
(c) ok 2014


Menacing clouds heave

torrential downpour fills lakes

sun draws the drapes.


Heart heav es sadness

tears spilling over lost love

mascara streaked cheeks.


Crack Boom Crack Boom!

thunder warned arrivals

snakes of gold stained sky.

(c) OK 2014/07/18

Submitted for Mindlovemiserysmenagerie – Heeding Ha- Improving our Haiku


Dear Emma,

© OK 2014
© OK 2014
© OK 2014
© OK 2014
© OK 2014
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It sure has been a long time since we had a chance to chat.  Well, life has been good, notwithstanding my achy body but that can be good too.  My philosophy is if it hurts, that means I can still “feel”.  So there you go.

I have cut off tv services and internet, so right now, I am typing this at work.  You see how loyal I am to you, Emma.   I do miss not having on-line services but on the other hand, I am discovering lots and lots of places that have it in the city besides cafés.  Today, as I was leaving the Métro, I sat down at one of the park benches, took out my smart phone and searched for WiFi.  The City’s Bibliotèque was just behind me and low and behold, popped up (wireless island) as an available service.  Well, hello! Now I can take advantage of lots of spots around the city without feeling I have to go to a café.  You know, those times when you want to relax in a park and people watch? `Well, now I can do that as long as I am close enough to a library.

I had a great time away on vacation although it was way too short. It was a lovely experience…no, it was inspirational and spiritually uplifting.  I am sure I will have some more to write about this but I need time to process my thoughts.

It is late and I need to catch the last Métro …soon I will have internet…booked installation for July 31st.  That does seem far but time flies anyway, so in the meantime, I can get out more.


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He sits alone

Photo credits: The GuardianPhoto credits: The Guardian

He sits alone

hours pass

with not one


human contact;

he sits alone

lights his Matinée

with embers

of the previous one,

he squints,

at the smoke

curling up

silently making its mark

to a yellowed ceiling,

brown spots on the wall.


He sits alone

everlasting drone

his ears hurt

from deafening sounds

silence working overtime

making its evening rounds.


He sits alone

unwavering tolerance

seems to condone

his life of redundance

he sits alone.

© OK 2014/07/17

A Day in the Life of Jim

Her gravesite (Shadorma – Tilus – Lanturne)


Photo Credit: Jen from Blog it or lose it!




sadly overdue

immersed in


standing there remembering

where once there was life.



wind interrupts

train of thought

looking down

fallen leaf upon her grave

wept at signs of life.


Autumn weathered leaf

traces of





green spots

still breathe life

on GrandMère’s head-


© OK 2014/07/17

Shadorma Photo Prompt – July 12, 2014

Had this in my notebook for a while but never a chance to post.


Reflections – TracesPrompt#11 – Your Vital Space


OK '14
OK ’14
Reflections: TracesPrompt #11 – your vital space

I was going to write a “this is my last prompt” announcement but then I thought…hmmm, until The Seeker’s Dungeon starts up again, I do like that discipline of Thursday reflections.  So until The Seeker’s Dungeon resumes these prompts {I sure hope he does…I do enjoy them!},  I will continue but, as a day of reflection.  It will echo my thoughts, feelings or mood of that day.  And, if anyone wants to use that to stimulate your muse, I welcome any offerings that it may have inspired.

Today I took the public transit since traffic jams and closed bridges were things I preferred to avoid today. I left work much earlier than usual to simply enjoy the cooler weather and lovely breeze. When I got on the bus, I noticed it was half empty and travellers were spread out in their seating.  I was about to sit in the “lone” seat, the only one on that bus but the way it is placed my feet would be in the aisle and risk getting my knee knocked since I happen to have long legs {and big feet but that’s not the issue here}.

So I sat next at a seat where I could stretch my legs next to a woman.  I was careful not to sit too close as I could sense she was uncomfortable if I touched her shoulder, for example.     That reminded me of “space” and how much a person may require.  I know that I noticed that in certain areas some people are more comfortable with closeness, while others truly feel prickly.  It may be partly cultural for instance many Spanish, Italian, South American and French people may be more kissers and huggers.  I know when I moved to Toronto, I had my list of people I knew could appreciate a good long hug. 

Then again, it can just be part of one’s personality as well.  I come from a family that is touchy feely. I raised my children the same way. My ex, who is French, is not as demonstrative, nor is my daughter.  She actually is really unhappy with closeness.  She is hyper sensitive to sensations on her skin. As a child she would tense up and feel irritable with certain clothes, clothes labels on her neck and seams of socks for example.  I asked her once if she outgrew it as she wears tight fitted shirts and pants that annoyed her before. “No, I just learn to tolerate it better and change as soon as I get home into my loose jogging pants and hoody.”  Wow! I thought to myself, she sure has strength to endure that.  If a piece of clothing is prickly for me, I just don’t wear it.  I chose clothes by touching material first to see if it is synthetic or not. It has to have a huge percentage of cotton or pure silk (so forget the last one, I can’t afford it) so the material can breathe.

As for sitting close to people, I am okay with that, especially in the winter on a cold bus.  Let me squeeze in with the warmth of all our bodies if it works {smiles}.  Okay, granted, I may not feel the same way sitting too close to men…you know, when you just get that “icky” feeling but that does not happen often now, at my age…at least that is one thing I can appreciate as I age…{sighs with relief}.

Do you have a certain amount of space that needs to be respected or is that just with outside of close friends and family?  Write a story or poem about what “vital space” means to you. I am not talking about emotional space you need to unwind or refuel…I am referring to physical contact.

Link it back to TracesPrompt #11 – Reflections, Your Vital Space, here, so others can read your offering.

N.B. There are no deadlines for if a past prompt tickles your muse, by all means, write to that one.

Martha0Stout-  chaotic space 

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Last week’s offerings of TracesPrompt#10, Travelling Log

LivingLearningandLettinggo – When our Paths Cross

Martha0Stout – Journey’s End, One can only hope

TracesPrompt #10 ¬ Travelling log

    © OK Gare Centrale Montreal 2014
© OK Gare Centrale Montreal 2014
He travelled far
for  years he searched
 his return ticket
(c) OK 2014
“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ― Ernest Hemingway“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” ― Gustave FlaubertHappy Thursday! I didn’t think I would have time to post a prompt today but since I am traveling overnight, I have ample time to think about that and type it up. The internet service is not too great but by the time I get to destination, I can certainly stop at a café, have breakfast and submit the prompt, no problem.There’s no place like home, Dorothy says clicking the heels of her red slippers. Is that really true? The grass is always greener…one travels around the world to find that he had what he was searching all along right in his back yard. We hear this countless times.

Tonight I am traveling via bus. It is called Megabus and it travels in Canada and the US. Rates are pretty darn good…less than half what it would cost in fuel to drive to my destination and I don`t have to struggle to stay awake on that long and boring Highway 401. I used to enjoy the travelling with or without a passenger but let`s face it, with an accolade, the journey goes by quicker when driving.

I am pretty friendly on busses, trains and even planes unless I am wiped…if I am tired, I just put in my earplugs and keep to myself. But that is quite rare. Like today, I was waiting for the bus with a Concordia university student. I noticed he was travelling light. So I asked him how long he was staying in Toronto. “Five days,” he says. Sheesh I have about 3 times his luggage. I know I`m a woman but still.   Another young woman sat down next to him and I had asked her if she could watch my things for a moment while I washed my hands. Coming back, she asked me if we had to stop on the way to Toronto and I mentioned only a fifteen minute stop in Kingston, the halfway mark where we switched drivers. She was jet lagged, having left France yesterday morning, stopped off in London and her plane was delayed and arrived Montreal a few hours ago and now she was bussing the rest of her journey home. Poor kid!! We got to talking about our cities and as we were boarding the bus, a stranger, a young man came to her and asked if she would bring a passport to the bus terminus in Toronto. His friend forgot it here in Montreal and he didn`t want to delay his friend`s travels by mailing it. WoW! Talk about trusting someone, eh? I was touched by this gesture on both parties. Big city or not, there sometimes reigns an understanding…a mutual respect among young travellers. Is it just young travellers by the way?

I have met some pretty amazing people travelling and I have not travelled that far. So the prompt today is to think about your travels. You can share a journey, an incident or you can share what type of traveller you are. Some are more reserved, some are nurturing, some are nosy but they just mean to be friendly and some are grumpy. I am sure you have stories to tell and if you don’t want to share a personal experience write a story or poem about a traveller.

Think beyond just your destination but what you learned on that journey about life, the world or you!

“because he had no place he could stay in without getting tired of it and because there was nowhere to go but everywhere, keep rolling under the stars…” ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road 

Happy travels…don’t forget to ping back to this link so other bloggers can read your offering.

 LivingLearningandLettinggo – When our Paths Cross

Martha0Stout – Journey’s End, One can only hope

Here are last week’s offerings to Traces Prompt #9 A Flower is to Me

LivingLearningandLettingGo – We need the bees

Martha0Stout ~ Little Dandelion

BastetandSekhmet ~ Sunroot Flowers

TracesoftheSoul ~ The Daisy (Lanturne)


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The search

Deviant Art
Deviant Art

The special task force could hardly hear instructions over the radio with the dogs barking so loudly. Jimmy Rolland called them with a sharp piercing whistle. The two German Shepherds came whining over to him and sat next to his feet looking up at their master for instructions.

Officer Jane Sebastien ran up to her captain with a piece of cloth. “Captain Rolland, here’s the shirt she wore the day before she left her mother. Maybe the girls will get a better scent.” She handed him a pale blue flowered nightie. Delicate daisies printed at random with one smiley faced daisy where a child’s tummy would be.

Jimmy took the nightie, jaws tensed so tightly, it was a wonder his teeth were not grinding. How he hated searches of this kind! It had an eerie feel to it. “Come on Jenny and Julie” he knelt next to the two Shepherds and they concentrated on their task, nose taking in every possible scent, excluding anything “non-human”. “Now go!” he shouted and they ran off into the wooded area behind the construction site.

Officers were spread out a mile radius searching for the past two days. She had been reported missing by the kindergarten teacher at École Saint-Antoine. Mademoiselle Courtemanche reported the child had many unexplained absences; whenever she asked the child if she was sick, Éloise would back away, always guarded with her monosyllable responses. Last week she had been missing for a week and there was no response at Éloise’s home. Mademoiselle found this odd; her girlfriend was an investigator for La Protection de la Jeunesse and the police were called in.

Éloise`s mother was frantic when an office with a youth protection worker came knocking at her door. “I was afraid to report anything in case he would make things worse. He often keeps her longer than the allowed visitation.” It was obvious this woman was more afraid of her ex-husband than the loss of her child. “What had this man done to her to lose all sense of responsibility?” wondered the officer.
Jimmy had been alerted by other neighbouring towns when he punched in the description of this unresolved case in the data base and up came a dozen disappearances. All children under five years old had been reported missing and the QPP and RCMP were now involved in the investigation.

The dogs were barking louder now and seemed to have found a new focus. By the time Jimmy caught up to them, he saw a run down shack. It must have been one of the fishing cabins from the 60’s when the lake was filled with fresh water and plenty of pike. Windows were broken and the screen door was lopsided would never have kept a lock. Jimmy opened the creaking door and two bats flew out screeching. It was one single dusty room, a wooden table with three chairs, a torn up sofa leaning against the wall and a bucket on the counter that probably was the makeshift sink; the well behind the cabin had dried up years ago.

“There’s nothing here,” he sounded more angry than disappointed. He looked down at Julie and kept scratching at the floor. He looked more closely and saw it was an opening. Prying it open with a Swiss army knife, he took out his flashlight and looked around the three-foot dirt basement. Julie didn`t wait around and dashed down and started whining. He flashed the light towards the sound of his dog, It smelled of feces and urine; and next to Julie was a young child,   dishevelled hair, frightened eyes on a pale translucent face holding her teddy close to her.   Her feet were chained to an iron pole. Julie could not stop licking the child`s face and whimpering. It was a miracle Éloise was still alive.

© OK 2014/07/09

QPP – Quebec Provincial Police
RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Submitted for: Three Word Wednesday – Eerie, guarded, translucent

Lost love

Must it be so complicated?

love seems to slip by

truths not communicated

both with each their baggage

unspoken hidden agendas

another very old adage

hopes and dreams

way long overdue

promises not kept

no longer swept

of their feet

with infatuation

the radiance dulls

they lose their passion

the arguments ensue

there’s no longer

me and you.

That cute site


penquins fall in love

mating for a lifetime

so not human.

© OK 2014/07/09

The photograph (Bastet’s Friday Flash Fiction Challenge)

The Globus bus arrived at the theatre and everyone piled out one by one. This was their 6th stop in one day. Why Eleanor and her friends agreed on a 3-day tour rather than a week, was beyond her. Well, of course, it was less expensive but they would all be flat on their backs for a week with all of this running around.

Abigail pushed Eleanor and Isadora in the isle, “Come on girls, this is our last stop.”

“Oh, look at that altar over there!” Isadora shouted; she asked the young lad beside them if he could photograph the three of them beneath that colourful background.

At dinner, Isadora brought along her camera, scanning some photos and cried in shock, “Oh, dear, look here, girls. I’m afraid Michael was fascinated by the ceiling just a bit too much. He cut us completely out of the photo!”

© OK 2014/07/08

(c) Jen from Blog it or Lose it!

(c) Jen from Blog it or Lose it!

The Daisy (Lanturne) TracesPrompt #9

daisy for traces alone 2014

Years ago, when I started back to college as a mature student, I was taking a Gerontology certificate. I was volunteering already making friendship visits to elderly people and delivering meals on wheels. My youngest, was already in kindergarten and a part of me wanted to go back to work but not as an executive assistant. So retraining was necessary and I decided to follow my dream and study in the social sciences.

An opportunity came up at our volunteer office in the city we were living offering a certificate programme free for those who were part of the volunteer office.


Of course if one was to be working in the helping profession, one had to be aware of their own triggers, recognize their good and not so good traits. We were asked to choose a flower that best represented ourselves. I chose the daisy. I felt that it could grow strong with other daisies but also strong alone. I had heard a story a long time ago that daisies always grew in bunches. One time a long time ago, there was a daisy that kept stretching its neck up higher trying to outdo its peers. The Great Spirit spoke to this daisy and said, from now on you will grow free alone or with your peers and you will see the price one pays for vanity. There is a fine line between independence and arrogance. And ever since then, you will often see daisies in fields alone stretching their stems up high to the sky.


The part of the daisy I felt I shared was the strength, the stubbornness that has enabled me to get where I am and the various facets of my personality. If you look closely at a daisy, there are rows of petals, but beneath there are also more petals. So the visible petals are features I know about and so do my friends, colleagues and family. But the petals beneath are still traits for me to discover as for the world to find out about me. So, in summary, the daisy represents the multiplicity of my personality. Here is a my special flower..,

The Daisy

for mommy
daisy packed field

he loves me
he loves me not

in bed
of daisies
I close my eyes

sturdy stem
bears winds with ease

© OK 2014/07/07 

The Lanturne is a five-line verse shaped like a Japanese lantern with a syllabic pattern of one, two, three, four, one.

Submitted for TracesPrompt # 9 A flower is for me

Unrequited wants (Lanturne)

This week’s prompt is Mamihlapinatapei at MindlovemiserysMenagerie
“The wordless, yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something but are both reluctant to start.”
I have tried the Lanturne Poem form after seeing it at MySilentEscapes; The Lanturne is a five-line verse shaped like a Japanese lantern with a syllabic pattern of one, two, three, four, one.



late night
New Year’s Eve
mix and mingle

sat down
next to me
eyes so intense

he came
in the room
electric vibes

just met
still strangers
was not proper

heaving chest
controlled our breaths

both knew,
yet who’d dare
attempt that first

not knowing

© OK, 2014/07/07

Submitted for MindlovemiserysMenagerie, Prompt 62

Moments – for Prompt 62 Mamihlapinatape


This week’s prompt at Mindlovemiserys Menagerie is the word, “Mamihlapinatapei” “The wordless, yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something but are both reluctant to start.” Read this beautiful, breathtaking poem and see where this writer had taken this. Delicious!

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Originally posted on helenvalentina:

Image credit:
Image credit:

Too precipitate the moments
Wordless knowledge scattered here
Like children’s toys left out
In early summer’s rain
Speak not to me
Of half the truth
Of courage yet
Have greater proof
While only these lost memories remain

Too gentle is this passion
Withheld, trembling inside
Like promises too emboldened
To ever, ever keep
Speak not to me
Of dreams unborn
Of kisses chaste
And vows unsworn
Our little lives just rounded by our sleep

Too wise to make such methods
Or the mechanics of the heart
Be more than baubles strung
On last year’s yuletide tree
Speak not to me
As fingers touch
This says too little
And means too much
Our deepest secrets leaking by degrees

And deep below in hell fire freeze
As rain unbidden in springtime breeze
Our words unsaid are but a tease
Our precious secrets leaking by degrees

(c) Helen Valentina 2014…

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tag you re it cat

Annual Family Outting (Shadorma – Tilus)

Photo: Eating Out






at their usual restaurant

where food’s cooked with love.


Once a year

summer tradition

laze in the park

in the day

evening feast they all gather

eating for hours.


Nana waits

destiny embraced

one more year

she joins them

feeling blessed they’re still all here

kiss cheeks thrice, now EAT!


Great-grandson runs amock



tag you re it cat 

Chase tomcat round the place

tag you’re it


© OK 2014/07/06

Submitted for Bastet’s Photo Prompt – Shadorma – Eating Out

at Mindlovemiserysmenagerie

Visiting blogs (haibun)

 © Traces, OK 2014 Early morning sky July 5
© Traces, OK 2014
Early morning sky July 5,2014

Sheer wonder
the Great Spirit rises
His glory smiles

Although I am a more “seasoned” individual, I still feel I have that adolescent rebellious nature nurturing my individualism. When I started this blog last year it was to find a place to openly write whatever came to mind. In the process I have learned to write a bit better and I know other bloggers have encouraged me and many taught me. I know my mentors and am so grateful to them.

I notice there are many prompts to help improve poetry, short fiction, photography and more and more I am seeing “how to blog” prompts. That is great. Personally, I learn by watching and doing and I am content with that. I like to think I am a free spirit. I may follow a series of prompts for a while and then my mind wanders and I forget.

Writing for me is like praying for the religious, meditating for the thinker. For me it is like taking my morning treatment for my thyroid or insulin for one who may have diabetes and at night I take my daily calcium for my bones; writing is calcium to keep my soul strong.

I don’t write for stats…I still can’t figure them out and don’t want to cloud the enjoyment of writing by checking that and to me,  they clutter my page. Yes, I do clutter as I like to show images of things important to me…people in my life, places that comfort me. By sharing this, the visitor/reader is getting a glimpse of me, traces of my soul.

That said, I mean no affront if I have not visited a blog in a while and most who truly know me, understand this. I am grateful to a blogger months ago who responded to my apologies for not dropping by often. “Your purpose here is to write, so write and enjoy that time.” So there you have it. Working full-time makes it difficult for this here seasoned person peppered with the spice of life {haha, I like that!} to visit other blogs as much as I would like.

But I have to admit, that reading other blogs “si le temps veut” is like visiting small, out-of-the-way art galleries. To the eye it meets enchantment, to the artist it adds richness, ideas and it teaches a new style, a new technique or inspires to try something new. And often my muse swims in my mind for a while trying to capture some of the beauty she has read. Being a water sign I have to admit that I do love the water.

I am not the greatest swimmer having learned by ducking my head under water in the river, lifting it above water for a few seconds, frantically dog paddling and back under water I would go finding it much more relaxing. How I would envy mermaids {they do exist!} and fish for being able to swim and breathe under water. The world seems much more calm and lovely under water. Perhaps that is why, at fifteen I had once written an essay in school about drowning in a lake. Of course I knew nothing about how the human body would react, the pain of lungs filling with water. No, as a teenager, I just saw this as a nice way to get off the confusion of life.

And so swimming from blog to blog, I learn ways to lift my head above water just a bit longer, I learn new strokes that allow me to stay afloat more elegantly rather than using only the dog paddle and I just float for a while, ponder and my muse gets to work.

So my muse and I thank you, dear writers, poets, photographers, artists and bloggers for sharing your art in the most eclectic and thought-provoking ways.

© Whispering Insights 2014/07/06


Dear Emma, (haibun)

Dear Emma,

The humming of cool air and twenty-first century sounds keeps me company as I ponder. I’m getting too old to go 40 hours without sleep, I dare say. Life is catching up with me. My vacation started on Friday where I rested very little having gone to bed several hours after my son’s late night visit (2a.m.) No matter how late it is when I finish a late shift, visitors leave or I arrive after a dinner with friends, I need a few hours to unwind and get in touch with me. That could be praying, meditating but I usually just swim in my thoughts for a while.

I got up at noon after having slept about six hours and started to search for internet providers, trying to figure out what was best or not. I read a few blogs and that inspired me to write a poem. I love when interacting with writers/bloggers stimulates my muse.

Thinking of family and visions of my grandson I was feeling lonesome and so I phoned my ex just in case he was spending the week there as he has the summer off and helps out our daughter with babysitting. He answers the phone and says, “Hi Nana” having recognized my number on call display;  I asked him why he does not phone me from time to time since my late shifts makes it confusing when I can chat with him, “I forget Nana, I don’t see you much now.” And that stings. “Are you saying you are forgetting me, sweetheart?” And my heart seems heavy all of a sudden. “Kinda, Nana. Want to come over today for supper…I’m sure GrandPapa will say yes.” My heart is light again and I feel my facial muscles form a wide smile. “Yes, sweetheart, I will be there for sure.”

I get into my car after four in the afternoon and my battery is dead. I had not closed the trunk properly and that tiny light drained the battery. Calling CAA I am waiting, my ex tells me he can come over to boost me if it takes too long but that is silly. I can wait…and they are willing to wait for my later arrival to eat. I do prefer eating later, my grandson is used to later as well but his grandfather is used to his old ways, coming home from the factory and eating at 5:30 p.m, a habit he acquired from his parents.

The auto service announces my battery is finished…makes sense as it is 7 years old and I do not use my car enough. He explains how it is important to use my car more even if it is just for a little drive. I call my grandson while the new battery is being installed and tell the mechanic how great it is to have grandchildren. He tells me he has three and that one grandson slept over for the first time in over a year. He says it’s a long story…pauses and then explains that his son took his life in May after a huge custody battle. I am draped with such sadness for him and his family and I listen to his tragic story. I am amazed at the resilience of this man for he has serviced my car before in the past and he is always smiling and encouraging. I tell him that I admire his strength and he says, “Bien, on n’a pas le choix.” Ah but I tell him, you do have a choice but you choose the most challenging.

Spending time with my grandson was precious. He wanted his grandfather and I to sit outside while he practiced soccer. My, how he has grown and become such an athlete! Most of his summer will be going to hockey camp and his grandfather boasts how he will be in great shape in September. I have no doubt that he will.

At eleven I started to leave but my ex was in a talkative mood and I had a headache anyway and waited for the Aleve to take effect; and we continued talking about our children, how their lives can be so complex with growing pains and sometimes a bit too much drama. I left at 2a.m. and knew I would probably not go to sleep since I had to get up at five to get to work. So what to do to stay awake but not use your brain too much? I coloured the roots of my hair …you know like the song, “Wash that grey outta your hair.” And it is a long process since I get tangled in the long strands, with almost waist length hair it can get tricky.

At 5:30, I left for work and picked up a double espresso and breakfast and was surprised to see so many people…actually all men ordering their breakfast too. Either they are going to work too or came back from a late rendezvous.

I was disappointed that the sun had risen so early…I suppose I should have driven to Montreal an hour earlier to take pictures of the sun rising above the river but alas my timing was off.

By the time I got to work, I hurried up to the rooftop to eat my breakfast and enjoy the view…the sky at that time is a totally different colour. The sun was still rising but what struck me was the sky kept changing colours. I guess I resemble the sky more than I thought. The sun rises and whispers, “Wakey Wakey” and the sky whimpers, “Just give me five more minutes” and hides behind darker clouds to keep the glow of the sun away.

I took pictures from all angles within that half hour up there to have a souvenir of this moment. How peaceful and hopeful the sky is at this time of day.

By the time I got home at 3:30p.m. I was wiped and dozed off and on watching old episodes of Southland before I have to return the equipment on Monday. I may as well take advantage of these bonus days. They cut off my home phone but had not cut the service of the satellite nor internet. I suppose they figured when I return the equipment, I won’t be able to use it anyway…so I am running on “borrowed” time for now.

On this Sunday afternoon even after having slept 12 hours, I am still lethargic and achy like an old old person. Lesson learned and hope I get it this time. No more “nuit blanche” unless I really have to…well, there will be my bus ride to Toronto on Wednesday night that leaves at midnight but hopefully I will manage to sleep with the hum of the motor.

© Traces, OK 2014
© Traces, OK 2014

Wake up sleepy head

dark hues shield the skies

five more minutes.

© Traces, OK 2014
© Traces, OK 2014

Dawn bids hello

city comes to life


© Traces, 2014/07/06

How could you leave me? (haibun)

The hardest thing for many parents to do is leave their kids even if it’s just a few days. I remember going to the ocean for only 3 days when the children were 3 and 6.  Well!! On the beach, I kept seeing young children and was reminded of the kids we had left behind.  Not easy indeed!  All we needed was a night on our own once in a while…a neighbour and I would take turns watching each other’s kids for 2 to 3 hours for a nice quiet tête à tête now and then but that was it.

Well, that’s pretty much how I feel when I am leaving my Bette.  Before I had Tigger and Skinny and they kept each other company and I had a sitter come by every other day.  My son is supposed to pop by to sit with Bette.  I hope he remembers. Last New Year`s when I went to see family in Toronto, he forgot!  Well, he promised to come by and I suggested he take advantage of the big screen (63″) t.v. and bring some of his movies because I no longer have satelite and have not yet shopped for internet.  Actually internet has not been cut off as yet and that is why I am able to still post so much at weird hours.

© Traces, OK 2014
© Traces, OK 2014                             How could you really leave me?

Now I tell ya!  Look at that adorable face?  It is not easy leaving that sweetie!

Soft furry me
Mommy how can you leave me
purr purr purr


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© OK 2014/07/09

Lights Out!! (Shadorma, haiku,tilus)

Pamela from Butterfly Sand and I were discussing the peacefulness when hydro is out due to thunder storms.  How we feel at a loss for a few moments looking for candles, flashlights and what to do!!?? And once we get into the groove of such quiet calm time, the shock of that gust of noise of the refrigerator or air conditioners blasting back on and Pamela’s words, “sounds of modern world”.  Those words made me feel like writing a poem or two or three….(grins)

© OK 2014
© OK 2014


Clouds play bumper cars

explode  flashes of fire

CRACK…rumble – BOOM


Lights go out

hum of the fridge halts

totally dark

hearts quiver

running in search of candles

embrace peaceful pause.



Time to write a letter





Fountain pen

elegant paper  

Dear Aunt Mae,

Uncle Fred,

remembering  good old days

round the camp fire.



Blow dust off the board games

deck of cards




Rain rain rain

mist takes over the skies

tranquil moments.


burst of light

humming fridge returns

modern world sounds

© OK 2014/07/015

Stream of Consciousness (SoCS July 5, 2014)

It can be the shape of someone

big, small, wide or tall frame

that one sometimes takes for granted

treats badly by depriving it of nutrients

or gorging it with processed food

it can be abused and raped

objectified and defiled

it can be someone of godliness

as in the Eucharist Corpus Christi

it can be a quantity of water

it can be synonymous to “someone”

it can be dead or alive

it can relate to a group of some kind

and basically it is the only one

you will get in this lifetime

so treat your “body” with respect

and as a precious temple.

© OK 2014/07/05

Submitted for: LindayGHill’s SoCS July 5, 2014 – Prompt: “Body”

Update on my presence here

© OK 2014
© OK 2014


I will not have any internet indefinitely at home as of 8:00 a.m. today and since I am also on vacation for the next ten days, I may not have had time to find a suitable internet replacement.

The hunt is on and I am getting a bit selective and rebellious.  I tried to pick my son’s brain tonight when he came over for a late night visit.  But even he admitted that he knew very little about this and that is why he too was stuck with one of the BIGGER internet providers.  There are 2 huge ones in our province and I always get so frustrated when I get my bills because there are often mistakes, additions I never knew should be there and calling said companies is like talking to the government…you know what I mean?  The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing…How could they? Big companies like that have accounts payable in one part of the world and technical support in another. I feel sorry for the employees who have to endure the abuse of customers like me…haha, no I try not to take it out on them.

So until then, I will be posting and communicating from public areas who provide Wi-Fi .  At least on the bus to Toronto next week there IS WiFi.

Until then…stay tuned.


A flower is to me (haibun) Traces Prompt # 9

I was busy at work and had company after my shift so, here is my late prompt …sorry for the tardiness.

© Tracesofthesoul 2014
© Tracesofthesoul 2014

This week, I was thinking a lot about flowers. I have been writing and reading more haiku and since we are in the heart of summer now at this part of the globe, let’s think about the significance of flora in your lives.

I wrote something recently about buttercups in a haiku but realized the photo I had taken were really yellow lilies. The kind of flower was actually insignificant in my personal experience here. The impact seeing those flowers was quite powerful. I had been looking at the river in the evening around nine o’clock after a visit with my mother in the nursing home. Looking at the water flow over the dam my mind was fixed on somber thoughts. I was sitting at my birthplace reminiscing about my past. Mostly I was replaying moments from early childhood until adulthood and fast-forwarding to today …those times when I was with my “healthy lucid mom” and embracing some of those moments. And then my eyes suddenly noticed the yellow lilies next to me among a haze of green foliage. That split second of golden/yellow glow changed my mood and thoughts to happier moments. Just like that, at the snap of my fingers, I felt content and at peace.

© clr 2014

© OK 2014


sitting solemnly

deep in thought, until

I saw buttercups

I have my favourite flower as well and I am sure you all have special flowers you plant in your gardens in the summer, flowers you like to receive as a gift.  Which do you choose to  give as a gift and why?   I know when I really want to treat myself, I will buy three to four bunches of daisies, for me, because I can and because I’m worth it. (grins)

Write a story or poem to describe what flowers or one particular flower means to you.   Allow your imagination to just float with images of flora.   Is it the texture of the petals? Is it the scent that pleases you?  Be creative and enjoy yourselves. If you are more comfortable expressing this prompt through images, that could be another example of sharing your thoughts on flora.  The idea is to enjoy yourself in the process…immerse yourself in the experience, colours and scents.

Once you have submitted your post, link it back to this link here so others can have the opportunity of reading/viewing your contribution.

© OK 2014/07/04

LivingLearningandLettingGo – We need the bees

Martha0Stout ~ Little Dandelion

BastetandSekhmet ~ Sunroot Flowers

TracesoftheSoul ~ The Daisy (Lanturne)

Last week’s contribution to Traces Prompt #8 Summer Love:

 Martha0Stout ~ Like Lightening

Tracesofthesoul ~ Summer Fun


P.S. I may not have time to post a prompt next Thursday as I will be away but I have a hunch that trip may bring a few ideas for posts I may have time to share.  Oliana


Dear Emma, (haibun)

I finally did it! I cancelled my satellite T.V., my home phone and internet with the biggest telecommunication company here. I wish I had Direct T.V. for only 20$ a month like the American guy I dated last year. What a deal! The Québecois competition is anywhere between 60$ to 80$ a month or more. That is too much $$$ and I don’t watch much t.v. with reading and writing…not much time. My mobile is still on a contract, so will have to wait another 2 years as they said I would have to pay what is left on my phone over 300$…nah!

Today I got a phone call from that same company who asked if I would consider staying with them for internet. “Sure,” I said, “If you can match the 42.95$ unlimited usage as *** competitor”. I hurry to get onto that website to make sure I have all my facts and figures. Of course, I know they could never match that but they offered 46.95$ for 175 GB and a little faster speed. Well, that IS good since they don’t charge me for the modem and I have an anti-virus included with the service. Well, now I am happy that when I go out of town for a few days, when my son comes over to visit Bette, he can watch Net-flex or stream whatever he likes.

Later in the day I get a confirmation email quoting 59.80$ Ah gee! they are doing it again!! So tomorrow I will have to get back on the darn phone, waste my time on hold for a long time talking to that prompted voice Emily…I could squeeze her neck even if she has a nice voice. But you gotta do what you gotta do, right? I still have time to get the other company before I leave. It just irks me though when companies who have the monopoly of a service take advantage like that…grrrr.

Oh, Emma, you would have been so proud of me watching me on the bus this afternoon. I was going through my comments on WordPress on my phone and usually the bus is so darn bumpy, I cannot even attempt to text a response. But today, I was just swiping away and felt like a real pro. Today, I even showed Van at work and she just got a new Samsung recently.   Well, she did not even know we had this option and I felt pretty proud for a more “seasoned” person showing her. No more stretching those thumbs to type or correcting all the time. Yes, Emma, sometimes, it is the little things like that just make your day. Well, of course the gelato helped a little too.

Rather than go back there tomorrow, I need to find a hangout for lunch time…you know, get there 2 hours before my shift starts. The niece of the fella I was dating last year…yeah, the loser who dumped me on Skype…sheeesh! …anyway she was suggesting that I pick a nice place to have lunch and go there regularly and you just never know…I become a regular there and maybe a few prince charming show up (yeah I am still a romantic, get over it! that’s why I like writing poetry, Emma!)

Now let’s see there is that nice café next to the cop station…they have free WiFi…it is nice and airy, the food is pretty good…hmmm, and then there is the atrium skating rink…maybe I could alternate. The one at the atrium gets a lot more traffic…more business types…the other place (well besides cops) it is an artsy area…musicians, etc. hmmm, I do remember dating very briefly a starving artist (screenplay writer) years ago…but starving he was alright but boy could he kiss! Turned my legs to jello …(sigh)

I am not on the hunt or anything, Emma, not to worry, but summertime just seems to stir the romance a bit more. Oh, and did I tell ya? As I walked out of the Métro today and walking past rue St Denis, I noticed this middle aged man staring at me with a big smile…staring a long time too. And you know it just felt good to still be noticed…I thought I had become invisible. That IS one thing I like about the French Quebecois…they have a way of looking at you, not intrusive or anything but it whispers, “Quelle jolie femme!” Nothing elaborate or outrageous but it just feels good.

And on that note, I am going to try and sleep now. It is 5am. and I was waiting for my headache to go away. Not to worry, I am sure it is not a migraine, just due to the bloody heat today. Goodnight,    Oliana

OK 2014
OK 2014

clouds on blue canvas
he smiles, twinkle in his eyes
sun is glowing.

© 2014/07/03

Evoking images (haibun) Heeding Haiku with HA

During my mealbreak at 7:30 p.m. I decided to finally go for a walk to get some homemade soft ice cream. Correction…gelato. I had heard about this place and just had to see just how great it was. I was hoping there would not be a huge line up but I came prepared with my smart phone equipped with Kobo reader. It was nice to get out. It started out as a hot day outside but there was still a breeze. In the office, on the other hand, the air conditioner was not circulating air AT ALL and the still damp air just hung there giving me a headache, not to mention I was sweating. (Yep, even Nana’s sweat!)
I was pleasantly surprised arriving at Kem Coba and only two people were waiting in line. There were several patrons on the park benches out front but no one waiting. I had no idea what to order. There were so many choices. I noticed the “special du jour” which was “La Romantique ~ Crème glacé à la rose” which was a raspberry (framboise) and Lychee sorbet. (I read that Lychee is the fruit of joy, fruit for love) Well, I should order a bucket! And so, romance I chose! I sat quietly savouring my large cup of ice cream and watching the people that were starting to line up. I was sure lucky to get here early enough…phew!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So was it good you ask?  It was decadent! Now I have to go back to try the dark chocolate…

There was still plenty of time to get to work and I was full with that lovely dinner…oh, did I mention? I skipped dinner. I can make myself a bouillon de poulet with rice, ginger and a dash of lemon when I get to work. I always have a reserve in my cubby hole.

On my way back to work, I noticed the park was quiet and no sign of rain…it was so nice just breathing the fresh air. So I took a seat at one of the park benches and listened to some children playing with their parents further at the back of the park, heard a few dogs barking their “salut bonjour” on their evening walk and it brought me back to times when my children were much younger. Rushing home from work to have a quick dinner and rushing to a softball or soccer game at one of the local parks. While one child played on his or her team, the other played on the equipment in the park. It was a nice mellow feeling somewhat bittersweet. I was happy I had picture perfect images in my mind’s eye but knew I would never relive those moments again.

© OK 2014
© OK 2014

sounds of children’s glee
in the park,  inhales the past

© OK 2014/07/03


Heeding Haiku With HA this week has asked us to feel the moment and write a haiku or Tanka “write/right now”. HA would like you to analyze everything that you can at this very moment of time to commemorate these few moments of this day of your life.
General guidelines:
• English Haiku is a three-line poem structured in syllable count of 5-7-5. It visualizes an image, an expression or experience, including a season word or kigo. It is a small ode to nature.
• English Tanka is a five-line poem structured in syllable pattern of 5-7-5-7-7. The first two lines and the last two lines picture images and the third line is a pivotal line i.e. it signifies a grammatically correct meaning and completes the image either when paired with the first two lines or when paired with the last two lines.
• Most importantly, feel free and write, do not be burdened by the rules or guidelines. Enjoy crafting a haiku or tanka. And after when you have made the post, you can submit the links to your posts in the linking widget below.

Submitted for: Mindlovemiserysmenagerie, Heeding Haiku with HA

The Secret (3-Word Wednesday)

© OK 2014
© OK 2014

Having this information may have placed the project in jeopardy. Pat left her before even finishing the strawberry shortcake they had EACH ordered. I suppose the look of shock may have caused this impromptu exit. Angelique was at a loss for words. It was not the content of the information, for she adored her friend, Pat. It was the possible implication.

What should she do? If she revealed this information,  it may be risky for not everyone was open minded as she was. The more she thought about it, the more she realized it just may be time.

“To hell with bigotry! To hell with ignorance!” She would announce it at the Board meeting tonight. If they didn’t like it, well, they could get rid of her along with Pat.

They would find other places to volunteer and offer their experience in aid of humanity while “they” hide behind their bibles and hypocritical whispers.

She looked at the uneaten shortcake Pat had left and licked her lips. “Oh why the heck not”, she thought. “Binging is sometimes cathartic they say. It is comfort food after all!”

© OK 2014/07/02


3-Word Wednesday

I could not resist even though it is late. 3-Word Wednesday has 3 interesting words to write about…poem, story…here they are:

Cathartic, adjective: providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis.

Jeopardy, noun: The peace talks are in jeopardy; in danger, in peril; at risk.

Risky, adjective: Dangerous, hazardous, perilous, high-risk, fraught with danger, unsafe, insecure, precarious, touch-and-go, treacherous, parlous; uncertain, unpredictable; informal chancy, dicey, hairy.

When you’re done, come back here and post a link to the contribution with Mr. Linky (but please, link to the exact post, not your blog, by clicking on the exact post title and paste it to Mr. Linky below)

Wordless Wednesdays

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© OK 2014/07/02 Les Halles de la Gare, Montréal.

I want you (fun with words)

I read this poem earlier today and could not resist to add to it.


I am sure many of you know Shawn Bird  but if you don’t, well, what ya waitin’ for?  She is a teacher, a mom, oh, yeah an amazing person, Canadian too!! and a published author…I have read only 2 of her books but fell in love with the characters immediately.  She add poetry, Greek mythology and well, you just gotta read them to see for yourself.

Grace Awakening

You could follow her on facebook if you prefer too…

I think this amazing writer could put this  poem as a prompt and she graciously allowed me to use her poem and add what may…so beware…you have been warned.

Poem – Warning

I want you.
Despite all the objections,
inspections, rejections,
my predilection
is you.  © Shawn L. Bird

I want you

I want you so bad
I can feel it
in my dirty little mind. © Oliana


© OK 2014/04/01



Ogre and the Maiden (haibun)


Robert Dowling

nature provides/
all living things blend/

Many many years ago in the land of Titanville a very lonely giant lived. His name was Ergo. His family had left him with a castle, all the food he needed and luxury a prince could aspire. He had everything even the gift of music. He wrote beautiful songs , played the cello to the heavens but he did not have companionship. His family had all died. All his extended family and friends in the Titanville had died of a virus thirty years ago.

Finally one morning, he was tired of weeping over his silly love sings and craved for human contact. And so he took off that day in search of minions he could gather to serve, please and entertain him. “Mini jesters,” he thought with a sly smile.

That afternoon he discovered a small village. There must have been a festival going on for there was a stage in the centre of the village with musicians playing violin, banjo and harmonica. Tiny people were dancing in the streets in circles. When the harmonica player hollered something, the dancers changed partners and danced in reverse circles. It was hilarious to watch and Ergo could not help but tap his foot to the music he could barely hear. Suddenly the music stopped, the musicians hollered instructions to the townspeople and they all ran off to their homes. The only person left was a lovely maiden swinging on the swings in the park behind the stage. Someone yelled, “She can’t hear us but don’t take a chance or it will kill us all!”

The giant approached the maiden and started to speak but just the mere breath coming from his mouth, pushed her off the swing and she fell on her bottom on the dirt. She looked quite vexed indeed. She looked up at the giant and did not appear afraid either. She started yelling at him, “I know who you are, I can’t hear you but I can feel you. Your walk shakes the ground we live on. Your “kind” killed off so many of my friends. Well, I will not have it.” She stomped her feet and looked extremely angry by now.

The giant could not help but smile at the brave and outrageous behavior of this young maiden. She looked up at him vehemently, hands on her tiny hips, “Well, now, you giant orgre!! What do you have to say for yourself? Oh, and please just whisper or else you will scare my friends and family. I can read lips and frankly with your big fat chops, I’ll have no problem at all!”

Ergo commenced explaining his problem and how lonely he was but did not want to hurt anyone. He said he missed human contact although he knew that titans were not really human to her people. She made a deal with him. She would go with him on the condition that he spare the village.
“But how will we communicate if you cannot hear me? I want someone to read my music, someone who will sing my songs so they will live long after I am gone.” The maiden laughed at that. “Why I can sing you big ogre! I lost my hearing when your family was destroyed. You see the virus was in the blackberries and I ate them. We had been warned never to eat them but I was very stubborn and not afraid of anything…and there you have it.”

The giant shook his head and began to chuckle but just a faint laugh shook the ground, we could hear the windows singing from trembling too. “What if I told you there is a vial left with the antidote to that virus. I don’t imagine it would take much for you and I could certainly spare a droplet and your hearing would come back. Would you still sacrifice your freedom to spare your village”

The young maiden looked up at her new titanic friend, wide eye and exhaled a sigh of relief. “I would gladly go if you can return my hearing so I can continue on my mission of creating songs for my future up above in the land of angels…but on one condition.
The giant appeared worried, “Yes? what is your condition, dear maiden.” I want you to build me a little house away from your castle for days I need my “alone time” so I can sing freely among nature.
It was then Ergo’s turn to sigh with relief. “Done, your wish is my command. You will not be held prisoner here, dear maiden, you may leave at your will. I want a friend, not a prisoner.” He knelt down and she climbed up on his shoulder but not before leaving a note to her friends and family…


senryû (not sure.,.)

I have found my voice
be happy for me
sing thanks and rejoice.

© OK 2014/04/01

Submitted for Photo Challenge #15 Birdhouse at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie

Relaxing (haibun)

© OK Taking it easy 2014 Dorchester Square - Montreal

© OK Taking it easy 2014
Dorchester Square – Montreal

pause in the day
nature boosts the mind
feeds the soul.

Yesterday I left for Montreal at 8:00 a.m. to register my name to see a doctor at a walk in clinic that is located right near my bus terminal at Central Station. How cool is that eh? To see a doctor at a train station.  There were many people there waiting to go to various parts of the country.

I had until about 2p.m. to kill time.  With my physical condition not up to par, I thought venturing too far was not wise, so I walked around  within a 10 minute walk to the clinic.  You would be surprised how much you can see, the places to discover in such a radius in such a beautiful city.  Okay, maybe one place took twenty minutes because I had to come back uphill.

I am including only a few photos of Dorchester Square with used to be called Dominion Square after Toronto Dominion Bank which is next door on Peel Street corner René Levesque (once Dorchester Blvd) hence you know why we switched it to Dorchester Square in his honour because Lord Dorchester actually wanted French Quebecois to keep their language…not sure all francophones are aware of that.

So I left the underground train station and walked through Place Ville Marie and came up above ground.  The first building I see is the Sun-life Financial building where my daughter works actually. It used to be one of the popular places for anglophones to find work almost guaranteed in the early 1970’s.

Then I turned the corner, walking along boul René-Levesque and sat in the park at Dorchester Square for awhile. It faces Sun Life as well because that building takes up one whole square…two streets…it’s that big!  Here are just a few shots. I keep editing so many that I took since late last night.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now this park/square faces The Windsor Hotel on Peel Street, Sun-Life on Metcalfe street (I think) and boul René Levesque.

That area is close to my heart for many reasons.   The square faces the Laurentian Hotel situated on boul René Levesque and Peel Street where my dad used to work when I was little until 1967 when my parents divorced.  I  will show more photos of the trek we used to take from the train to this hotel later sometime.

In 1969 I was studying at O’Sullivan College and my sister worked at a travel agency in the Toronto Dominion Bank building next to this square.  So I would often walk to have lunch with her or lay on the grass to get some sun.

I was pleased to be out at lunchtime today so you could get an idea of various people who use the square to eat their lunch, relax and for some it is sort of their home…a few were sleeping off their tired night I think. But with the hot humid air, everyone was more or less moving in slow motion.

I took about 220 photos on my 2 hour tour.  Many were to show off this city, and others were like walking through memory lane. I have to say when I do a post on Windsor Train Station later, you will see what I mean.  I have a hunch Bastet may be pleased with lots of the photos too and some may have to just email a few at a time.

I didn’t get to sleep until very late (or early in the morning) due to the pounding in my knee and partly that was my unwise trek down memory lane, I think.  So icing, putting that magic cream and icing some more, today I just feel like writing whenever my muse thinks of a story.  I think I will take it easy for the week as I want to be in shape for my holiday next week.

I read posts here and there that are on my alert emails and may comment (or not) but just so you know…I’m still around just moving slowly as one should in this heat…35 degrees today NOT factoring the humidex.  It is belabouring to breathe…so tomorrow I will be walking to work VERY slowly. Just 2 days of work this week…yay!

I have not forgotten thee

just resting quietly

writing pensively

these days…

I still relish every word

may not say so…

just so you know

just taking time I can afford.

© OK 2014/07/01

Rhum café (Kyoka)

(c) OK '14 Café Rhum, Mile End (Mtl.)
(c) OK ’14 Café Rhum, Mile End (Mtl.)


Well, here I am

eating pâté au poulet

and a café corsé

at Rhum Café

enjoying sultry music

at this quaint unique

café in Mile End.

This is a café around the corner from the street of my workplace. It is situated in the same building as the Montreal Police Section 37. It is kinda cool that I can take a photo from my tablet without anyone knowing…cool!

There appears to be mostly men eating here and the majority order to take out.  Oh well, who knows, I just may be lucky and meet some interesting people anyway.  I do like the atmosphere here A LOT more than other cafés around here so far.  It is huge, so you can find a comfortable table and chair or sit on the bench along the back wall which is where I am. That is why I was able to take that photo of the entire place.

Internet will be installed at home Monday morning! Yay! I will be back with civilization.  I do miss the internet when I am suffering with aches and pains for writing distracts me much more than reading.

The positive side of not having internet, I write more by hand and for some reason it does not seem the same as typing…do not ask me why.

On the Métro, I wrote 4 haiku…words flow differently with a pen.

I learned how to write a Kyoka yesterday from Georgia from BastetsekhmetLibrary who was a Ghost Writer #19 at CarpeDiemHaikuKai and she explained it so well too.  Why not check it out and have a go. I have been enjoying Bastet’s Kyoka on her blog and last night I read Jen’s at Blogitorloseit and that did it…I tried.  It’s not perfect but it’s a start.  The wonderful thing about haiku, tanka or kyoka…practice, practice, practice…makes much better in time.  I am so enjoying this form that I find it soothing and meditative.  If you’re curious, check out Chèvrefeuille’s site CarpeDiemHaikuKai and he has created a wordpress one as well, at CarpeDiemHaikuFamily . Tournesol is my nom de plume for Japanese form poetry…

backyard mosquitoes

sucking like vampires

blood thirsty pests

hardly felt even an itch

thanks to fleshy pink thighs (c) Tournesol

(c)Oliana ’14-07-31

Postcript: I arrived here under sunny skies and threats of thunderstorm…I did not believe WE would get this here in Montreal since the radio announced it would be mostly in the Eastern Townships (my hometown) but NOOOOOOO, I am now stuck here and waiting for the torential downpour to simmer…Oh well, I could not be in a better place.

Whispering Insights of this and that, then and here.

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